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The Adventures of Claude, Archimedes and Bob

Not many people know that three animals live together on a deserted island - Bob the clam, Archimedes the walrus, and Claude the lobster. Once they were persuaded by a saxaphone-playing beetle called Mark to voyage around the world in a cardboard box with the word 'OMELETTES' painted on the side. Of course their boat sank almost instantly, and they were washed up on an island populated by a society of huge ants that were very eager to eat them all up. After escaping from a locked refrigerator, they manage to use some magic Swiss cheese to escape the clutches of the ants and return home in a very strange and surprising way.

Written and illustrated by Tracy Weiman, 'The Adventures of Claude, Archimedes and Bob' is now available from various Amazon outlets throughout the world.

  • Written and
  • Illustrated by
  • Tracy Weiman

  • Ages

  • 56 pages